Pine Nut resident in custody for battery |

Pine Nut resident in custody for battery

Staff Reports
Thomas Sims
Dougals County Sheriff’s Office

A woman was hospitalized and a man jailed after deputies responded to a report of a battery at a Pine Nut address early Sunday morning.

Thomas Sims, 51, was taken into custody on Sunday morning after deputies received information the woman was being held against her will.

Investigators reviewed texts from the victim begging for help and showing injuries she’d received.

Sheriff’s Capt. Jim Halsey said deputies responded to Sierra Spirit Ranch on Pinenut Road at about 8:30 a.m.

“Deputies contacted the individuals and found the victim had injuries consistent with what had been reported,” Halsey said. “It was also discovered the suspect had threatened the victim if she left or attempted to leave, or were to report the incident to law enforcement.”

Sims was taken into custody for domestic battery, battery with substantial bodily injury and false imprisonment.

“Due to the extent and severity of injuries discovered on the victim, including a possible dislocated shoulder, she was transported with paramedics to the hospital for treatment of her injuries.”

A firearm, which was allegedly used by Sims to threaten the victim, was found in the home and collected by investigators.