Pioneer High selects outstanding students for recognition |

Pioneer High selects outstanding students for recognition

Nevada Appeal Staff Report

Eleven students from Pioneer High School have been selected as outstanding students for this semester. Here, the teachers and administrators tell a little bit about why the student was deserving of special recognition:

Alejandra Ruiz: I picked Alejandra because I am very impressed with her work ethic. She comes into the Computer Lab, sits down and starts working. After she finished her first class, she immediately asked to be enrolled in a second class and proceeded to finish that one right away. Since the beginning of the school year she has completed three online classes and is currently working on two more. She works hard on the classes, is passing them with good grades, and is excelling with the Carson Online program. – Ms. Council

Melaena Lopez: An exceptionally strong student and young lady. She excels as a student while raising a young daughter. I have no doubt she will accomplish great things while doing her part to make the world a better place. – Mr. Rotter

Griselda Quirez: Griselda was chosen due to her quality work ethic, her participation in leadership, and ability to rise above difficult situations while continuing to come to school. She was the coordinator of the school blood drive and costume drive for underprivileged kids, and has taken over the responsibility as the student representative for the school board meetings. – Mr. Brown

Makayla LeStrange: She was chosen for being a student who is a joy to have in class, beyond the fact that she does all of her work with care and a positive attitude, but also because she is a student that makes my job easier every day. The only time in class last semester that she spoke out of turn was when she was assisting other students with their work. She has ambitions to go to college and better her future and the live of others. Go MaKayla! – Ms. Lauderdale

Manuel Vega: I chose Manuel as my outstanding student of the semester due to his continual work and participation within my English class, his kind and polite behavior, and for the advanced insight he expressed through poetry, short stories, and essays. Manuel is a wonderful young man who will help to make our society more well balanced and reflective. I look forward to the day when he graduates college and discovers the path that he is meant to follow. – Ms. Lucinian

Saul Reyes: Saul excels at taking on a leadership role. He is conscientious about both community and world issues. He challenges himself to do better in all situations. He is one one of the most respectful and respected students I had in my social studies classes. – Ms. McMullan

Kalie Salas: Kalie stepped up in the orienteering class, learning how to navigate in the wilderness, while taking on a leadership role, though she is not what one would call a typical “outgoing” student. She is an inspiration to other students and will be a great contributor to our world. – Mr. Johnson

Karen Jimenez: Karen excels in what she does. She is a terrific role model for other students, and is a great support to staff. She not only works hard in school but she also supports a family and is a manager at her work. She is a student who has continually grown over the past three years that I have known her. – Ms. Reed

Anali Diaz: Anali was chosen for recognition by Ms. Weiler.

Ana Ruiz: Ana was the office aide for the past semester and was always willing to do anything that was asked of her. She is a pleasant person to have around and took on office tasks like a pro. She is also a wonderful student, making a positive impression during many different tasks. – Jason Zona, Principal

Lela Branstetter: Lela is above and beyond amazing. I actually think that she is one of the best students I have ever had. She is working toward bettering herself as a student, and as an individual. She is a phenomenon. – Mr. Rhoads