Pioneer High staffers nominate Outstanding Student candidates |

Pioneer High staffers nominate Outstanding Student candidates

Special to the Nevada Appeal

The following students were nominated by the staff at Pioneer High School for their exemplary behavior and performance in the second semester of the 2011-2012 school year. 

Jessica Kline – nominated by Jill Council, Carson Online

I am recommending Jessica Kline for Outstanding Student for second quarter. She was assigned to Carson Online to meet her graduation requirements for Computer Literacy.

Not only was she able to complete her required class; she exceeded even my expectations by completing two additional classes during the second quarter. Jessica was a pleasure to have in class and was someone who took the time to help other students understand how to work successfully with the online courses.

Brandon Yonkers – nominated by Sue Reed, science teacher

Brandon Yonkers has proven to be an outstanding member of two science classes I teach. He excels in preparing for the science proficiency exam as well as being an exceptional student in human anatomy and physiology class.

He is always prepared, on time and organized. His interest in obtaining an education is obvious. He is a friendly fellow, although he is a San Francisco Giants fan.

Christy Phipps – nominated by Erin Urrutia, teacher

I am nominating Christy Phipps as an Outstanding Student at Pioneer High School. Christy is a responsible student with excellent attendance.

Her positive attitude brightens the day for her teachers and other students in her classes. She always has a smile on her face and is eager to tackle whatever she is asked to do. It is with great pleasure that I choose Christy as an inspirational and outstanding student at Pioneer High School!

Kyle Hurst – nominated by Dave Johnson, teacher

Kyle showed an above average ability to understand and implement the wood framing projects in construction class.

He set the bar high for the whole class, pushing everyone to be more successful than they would have without his example.

D.J. Parker – nominated by Tony Brown, science teacher

D.J. Parker was chosen for outstanding student of the second quarter due to his willingness to participate to his fullest ability, work hard and therefore be successful in science and math class.

During our project-based Earth science class, he was the anchor of his groups and would always do a little extra to make sure they did the best they could. This meant doing extra research, bringing in extra supplies and doing the project layout to be sure full credit was received.

It is for these reasons his efforts should be complimented and made him deserving of the title outstanding student.

Samantha Alexander – nominated by Jillian Lauderdale, math teacher

I chose Samantha because she is a hard worker and always comes to class with a positive attitude.

As far as mathematical ability goes, Samantha makes my job easy. Because math comes naturally to her, it would be easy for her to become a class disruption, but she does not.

When the students around her are struggling, she takes initiative and helps whenever she can. It has been my honor to be your teacher. Samantha, you’re awesome.

Torrie Cummings – nominated by Ron Rhoads, English teacher

My Outstanding Student nominee is Torrie Cummings. Torrie served as my teacher’s assistant during the second semester, performing her duties diligently.

In addition, she was able to help the students in the English class with understanding the subject matter as they studied Hamlet. Torrie was also a student in my criminal law class. She earned the top grade in the class, demonstrating a thirst for learning and a desire to achieve.

Her effort had a positive impact on the class. Her contribution made others in the class better students.

Frank Norton – nominated by Elizabeth Lucinian, English teacher

Frank Norton is not only an outstanding student, but he is an outstanding human being as well.

His contributions to English class have a depth beyond his years and are always well thought out and completed with care.

Frank is the type of person that brings joy into a room, making the world a better place to live.

Alyssa Cox-Allen – nominated by Pam McMullen, history teacher

Alyssa has matured both academically and socially as a student. In her growth she has demonstrated leadership qualities and initiative.

Alyssa is someone who not only commits herself to learning, but enriches that environment with her positive energy. 

Karla Mariscal – nominated by Connie Hernandez, office specialist

Karla is hardworking and motivated. She is very quiet but has a great sense of humor.

I know she will accomplish anything she puts her mind to. Good luck, Karla, we all think you are fabulous.