Placement specialist offering free classes at WNC for unemployed jobseekers |

Placement specialist offering free classes at WNC for unemployed jobseekers

Kirk Caraway
Nevada Appeal Staff Writer

Jeanne Paquin has been an employment specialist in Carson City for 10 years, specializing in the difficult task of placing disabled people in jobs.

But now, she sees a lot of other people who need her services.

“I just decided I was tired of seeing my friends really suffer,” Paquin said. “I’m worried about our community. So I decided to take my skills and reinvent them to help these people.”

Paquin plans to put her skills to use by teaching Employment Magic, intensive three-day classes at Western Nevada College focused on helping people find jobs.

The course covers basic things like where to look for jobs, how to put together a resume and interviewing skills. It also supplies students with lists of resources to help in their job hunt, how to research companies, and how to ferret out opportunities. There will also be tips on how to compete with other applicants, and how do deal with being overqualified for a job.

But maybe most important, she wants to give those who are unemployed hope for the future.

“We are going to re-energize people who have been unemployed,” she said. “Maybe people are depressed, or drinking or gambling, or not paying their bills and being overwhelmed by it all. Maybe they aren’t using their skills to get another job, or they’re getting sloppy.”

Paquin mentioned some no-nos she will be teaching, such as the person who took a personal phone call in the middle of an interview and asked the interviewer to leave the room.

“Do you think that person got hired? I don’t think so,” Paquin said.

Part of that task is helping people clean up, showing them resources to buy clothes suitable for interviews, and even directing them to the local beauty college for cheap haircuts.

Paquin said employers will give students tips on what kinds of jobs are available and how best to seek them out.

Through a partnership with Nevada JobConnect, people who are unemployed can enroll for the class and have the $320 tuition waived.

“If you get a referral from any JobConnect office, they will pick up the costs and keep your unemployment benefits going, and will suspend your job search while you are attending class,” Paquin said.

Enrolling in the class also gives them access to resources available at WNC, such as computers.

The first session is March 2-4, from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. Paquin hopes to do these classes every week through the end of the year.

“Hopefully we will find people jobs,” Paquin said. “If I can find a job for just one person, I’ll be happy.”

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