Planned home birth quicker than planned |

Planned home birth quicker than planned

Rex Bovee

Theresa and David McClelland of Carson City had planned for their third child to be born at home, but with a smaller supporting cast than those who turned out.

When Theresa woke up early Saturday, David realized her labor was progressing too quickly for their midwife to come to town from Reno in time. They called 911.

Members of the Carson City Fire Department arrived at the McClelland’s Kay Court home minutes later, just in time to help with the 6:15 a.m. arrival of Sierra Rose, a 7-pound, 3-ounce, 21-inch-long girl.

“We just wanted to try to have a real private home birth,” David said later. “Turns out that we had more people here than at the hospital the other times.

“The firemen were very impressive and professional – they stayed so calm.

“When they got here, they wanted to load Theresa on a gurney, until they realized I had Sierra’s head in my hand. So everything just went ahead right here.”

He said midwife Diane Schaub, who had worked with the McClellands to get their home set up for a home delivery, arrived moments after the birth and took over with the rest of the medical details, including stitches, weighing Sierra and completing the birth certificate.

Theresa woke about 5 a.m. with contractions about eight minutes apart, so they called Schaub, thinking at first she would have plenty of time to get to their home. By 6 a.m., though, the contractions were a minute and a half apart and Sierra had her own ideas about waiting.

David said he called neighbor Michon Mills, an emergency medical technician who told him to call 911, then came over to help as well.

“The fire department took less than 10 minutes to arrive. They were just awesome, a godsend. I think they are true heroes,” David said.

The A Shift team from Fire Station One that responded included Bob Scherihans, Bob Standford, Lance Caras, Jeff Davies and Dan Albee.

“To have all these people here to help – the firemen, Michon and Diane – was great. We couldn’t have done it without them,” David said.

Since the preparations had been made for a home delivery, Theresa and Sierra were able to remain in their home instead of going to the hospital. As news of the early morning event spread, neighbors came over with casseroles and well wishes, David said.

Brothers Dustin, 7, and Jacob, 5, went to visit with grandparents Gene and Stella McClelland in Dayton for a few days. Maternal grandparents Susan Mills and David Leonard live in Santa Rosa, Calif.