Plans for expansion of county facilities to be discussed |

Plans for expansion of county facilities to be discussed

Nancy Dallas

YERINGTON – With crowded conditions becoming a concern for the several agencies occupying the Nevin Way Complex in Yerington, Lyon County officials are expecting to ask to begin plans for expansion.

Lyon County Manager Stephen Snyder is to ask commissioners for permission to move forward with a review of all offices, services and available options.

In addition to the sheriff’s department, jail and dispatch center, the complex’s two buildings house the juvenile probation, human services, public health and drug and alcohol departments.

According to Public Works Director Dan O’Brien, the public health nurse and human services departments need more space. Both are in the building to the west of the law enforcement complex and jail.

“If we could find a place to move them we could move juvenile probation to that building, leaving more space for the sheriff’s department. We have been looking for space to lease, but there is nothing in Yerington to meet our needs,” O’Brien said Tuesday.

“At this time we are just trying to get some input from the commissioners to find out the best way to go.”

O’Brien said one option could be to bring in an architect to do a space study similar to what was done before the new courthouse annex was built.

Other agenda items include:

— Lyon County is being asked by Carson Convalescent Center for reimbursement of $14,288 in unpaid obligations for services provided to a deceased patient who was under the guardianship of the county’s public administrator.

The facility’s attorney, James Kosinski, claims the public administrator negligently handled the probate proceedings for the deceased by setting the entire estate aside to the decedent’s heirs without proper notification to the convalescent center as required by state statutes.

— An ordinance prohibiting installation of any mobile and manufactured homes manufactured before Jan. 1, 1985, in areas designated as having a mobile home overlay.

This requirement would not apply to manufactured homes already installed in a mobile home zone and would have no affect on mobile homes allowed in residential areas not designated as having mobile home overlay.

The Lyon County commissioners meet in the Courthouse Annex, 31 S. Main St., Yerington, beginning at 9 a.m. For information call 577-5037 (Dayton/Silver Springs) or 463-6531.