Poker run personal for some of the participants |

Poker run personal for some of the participants

Rhonda Costa
Nevada Appeal Staff Writer
BRAD HORN/Nevada Appeal

Dean Johnson of Stagecoach supported his brother when he faced testicular cancer, and recently lost his father to prostate cancer.

Now, Johnson is supporting his wife, Betty, who has been diagnosed with breast cancer and will undergo surgery in November. He is supporting her as a husband, and others he does not know by participating in the Leather & Lace MC Nomads poker run.

Held Saturday along with a “Hunk-a-Thon” competition and chili cook-off for amateurs, proceeds from the run will benefit Carson Advocates for Cancer Care and Renown Health Foundation to purchase wigs and protheses for breast cancer patients as well as provide general financial assistance to defray the cost of prescriptions, treatment and related care.

“We’re keeping busy right now,” said organizer Robin Gouty. “We’re off to a good start.”

There were five entrants for the chili cook-off: Kevin Cross and his wife Laura from Fairfield, Calif., Johnny and Jackie Gurley of Minden, Geoff Probst of Reno, Bob Haynes of Reno, and Rob and Stephanie Munoz of Carson City, who were getting help from two of their sons, Seth, 8, and Robbie, 5.

“We’re doing this for fun, pretty much,” said Stephanie.

“We’re also doing it as a family,” Rob added.

The Munoz family received honorable mention for their chili, as did Cross. Winner of the “no holds barred” chili cook-off was Haynes, with Probst taking second and the Gurleys third.

“I’ve always been on the other side of a poker run,” Gouty said. “There’s a lot more to do on the organizing side.”

Mustang Sallie’s Deuces Grill provided a breakfast of hot biscuits with gravy for the participants.

Lyle Dringenberg and riding buddy Ken “Bald Eagle” Sharpnack, both of Washoe Valley, said they try to go to as many poker runs as they can.

“My wife is a 20-year survivor of breast cancer,” said Dringenberg. “I support charities through riding, my wife supports the walks.”

“We support various charities through poker runs,” added Sharpnack.

Winning the “Hunk-a-Thon was “Bert,” who was awarded through majority vote of the audience. “Mike” was a close second.

“We appreciate everyone coming out,” Gouty said. “I’m so happy, this has been great. It’s unreal the support and turnout we had for our first year. Thank you to everyone.”

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