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Police investigate mutilated dog found in park

F.T. Norton

The discovery Friday of a dead dog, apparently mutilated and left in a neighborhood park, is being investigated by police, Sheriff Ken Furlong said Sunday.

Residents near Blackwell Park in the Northridge subdivision discovered the animal Friday morning.

Animal control was called out, collected the remains and traced a rabies tag found nearby to a family three blocks from the park, said Furlong.

The dog apparently belonged to the family, but they were unable to offer any explanation as to what may have happened, or how, said Furlong.

Furlong said a veterinarian who examined the dog, a Chihuahua, found what appears to be a puncture wound to the animal’s neck and about 30 percent of its skin was removed. Furlong said the wounds did not appear to be from a car accident. And, there was no blood or hair in the area of where the dog was found, indicating it was possibly dumped there, he said.

“This is not a coyote issue. At least it doesn’t appear to be anything like that,” the sheriff said.