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Police: Materials for meth lab found in Saliman Road condo

by F.T. Norton

A mother’s concern Thursday over squatters taking over her son’s apartment led to the arrest of two people and the discovery of a suspected meth lab, according to police.

Carson City Sheriff’s Deputy Jeff Pullen said Thursday that officers were called out to the 400 S. Saliman Road about 8:30 p.m. after the owner of a condominium there said her amputee son was afraid to go home.

The woman told officers that two people had moved into her son’s apartment and he wanted them gone, said Pullen.

Pullen said when he went to the apartment, Thomas Peddy, 52, answered. After a short conversation, Peddy agreed to leave, said Pullen. When Pullen entered a back room he found Annie Stewart, 34, asleep. Pullen said his drug dog Troy immediately hit on a closet.

A peek inside revealed a sealed compartment in the closet organizer which contained the items needed to manufacture methamphetamine, said Pullen.

Peddy and Stewart were both arrested on suspicion of felony possession of drug making materials and misdemeanor possession of drug paraphernalia. Both denied knowing anything about the backpack, said Pullen.

The Carson City Fire Department was called out because of the volatile nature of the material found, said Capt. Ken Sandage.

“Until the chemicals can be stabilized, the fire department will remain on scene to support us,” he said.

Special Enforcement Team Sgt. Earl Mays said it’s been at least five years since methamphetamine manufacturing material has been found in the city.

The Tri-Net Drug Task Force also arrived on scene to assist Carson City deputies with securing the evidence.

Sandage said once the items are secured, a hazardous material clean up crew will be contracted to clean up the area.