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Police seek owner of abandoned 4-door Subaru

Sandi Hoover

Authorities were searching Saturday for the owner of a white four-door Subaru after the car was found by a passerby impaled on a metal barrier post of a walking path northwest of Western Nevada College.

“Someone was driving north on the paved bike path west of WNC and apparently decided the yellow metal and concrete barriers weren’t going to stop the car,” said Gary Cook.

“I was on the scene around 7 this morning and called it into the sheriff. The sheriff’s (office) and tow truck responded, and by 8 the vehicle was removed,” he said.

Deputy Bob Motamenpour, who responded to the scene, said the accident was near Vanpatten Avenue and Murphy Drive.

He said it appeared that the vehicle could have been involved in another accident prior to being stopped by the 7-inch-thick post, due to a swipe of blue paint along the passenger side.

Motamenpour said the license plate registration came back to a 20-year-old woman named Blessing Bennett, and that officers were unsuccessful in attempting to contact her.

“The car is in car jail and it’s pretty messed up,” he said.