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Police: Suspect ate balloons of heroin

F.T. Norton
F.T.Norton/Nevada Appeal

A Carson City man remained jailed Tuesday for allegedly possessing heroin and eating the evidence.

Ryan Riggs, 22, was booked into the Carson City Jail on Monday on suspicion of felony possession of heroin, gross misdemeanor destruction of evidence, misdemeanor possession of drug paraphernalia and obstructing an investigation.

According to the arrest report, police received a tip that Riggs and his girlfriend, Karina Decender, 19, went to Reno to get 50 balloons of heroin. Officers stopped Riggs’s vehicle in front of his home on Pine Street in Northeast Carson City about 1:30 p.m.

Riggs’ father, Don Riggs, 50, was driving, alone in the car. He was initially upset at being stopped, then angry that his son was involved in drugs, said Deputy Jason Bueno.

Don Riggs invited officers into the home, “slammed open” Ryan’s bedroom door, according to the report, and yelled at Ryan Riggs and Decender to “get the (expletive) out.”

The report states officers spotted “a small pile of multi-colored balloons” and a syringe. Heroin is commonly sold in balloons called points.

Officers cuffed Ryan Riggs and Decender and began seeking a search warrant, according to Bueno. While Ryan was telling police they could not enter his room, Don Riggs was yelling for police to go in, the report states.

Then Don Riggs allegedly threw a water bottle at his son, hitting him in the head, the report states. Don Riggs was arrested on suspicion of domestic battery and placed into a patrol vehicle.

The handcuffed Ryan Riggs allegedly jumped to his feet and ran into the bedroom, kicking the door shut. When officers reached him, he was allegedly bent over the location where the heroin had been spotted, the report states.

Bueno said he believes Riggs sucked up the heroin balloons and swallowed them.

An X-ray at the hospital later that evening revealed “numerous, foreign, uniform-in-shape items” in his stomach.

Ryan Riggs was given a laxative and between eight and 10 balloons were taken into evidence Tuesday, according to Bueno. Another X-ray showed more balloons still in his stomach, he said.

Decender, already on probation for possession of heroin, was booked into jail on a new charge of suspicion of possession of heroin, misdemeanor possession of drug paraphernalia and probation violation.

Ryan Riggs’ bail was set at $6,539. Decender’s bail was set at $6,632. Don Riggs’ bail was set at $3,132.