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Police: Suspect’s friend made threats of a repeat of assaults

by F.T. Norton

A second arrest was made in connection with the Sunday night assault of a father and daughter in East Carson City.

Brandon Hicks, 18, a heating and air conditioning installer from Carson City, was arrested at 1:40 p.m. Tuesday on suspicion of two counts of felony intimidating a public officer.

According to the arrest, report, Hicks is a friend of John Linville, 17, accused of stabbing his ex-girlfriend in the back and shooting the girl’s father, Ed Beaumont, in the chest following a break up. Neither was seriously injured.

Linville allegedly stole the weapon from Hicks’ father, and Hicks allegedly drove Linville to the victims’ home. He then drove off as Linville was being chased by the girl’s father, according to police. Linville also allegedly fled.

When police contacted Hicks during the shooting investigation, officers took Hicks’ phone in an effort to track Linville’s whereabouts.

According to the arrest report, when Linville surrendered to police at the Hicks home on Tuesday, Hicks allegedly demanded officers return his cell phone.

“If I don’t get my phone back today, I am coming down there and you guys are going to have another Sunday to deal with and your little vests won’t help you ’cause I aim for your head,” the report states Hicks allegedly threatened.

“When Hicks said that we would have another ‘Sunday’ to deal with … I interpreted those statement as an immediate threat that he intended to shoot Detective (Dena) Lacy and (me) if she did not give back his telephone,” wrote Detective Craig Lowe in his report.

After Linville was arrested and taken to the sheriff’s office, officers called Hicks and told him to come down to the station to pick up his phone. When he arrived he was arrested. It’s not clear if Hicks will face charges in the Beaumont assaults.

“Hicks told me he was sorry for threatening Detective Lacy and (me) and went on to agree that our fear of his threat to shoot us was reasonable in light of the fact that we knew he had guns available,” Lowe wrote.

Hicks’ bail was set at $15,000.

Linville, jailed on suspicion of felony attempted murder with a deadly weapon and battery with a deadly weapon, appeared before Judge Robey Willis on Wednesday morning. Attempted murder is not considered a delinquent crime and automatically puts Linville before the adult courts.

Judge Willis appointed a public defender for Linville and set a preliminary hearing for Jan. 12.

Willis also left Linville’s bail at $250,000, telling him he needed to either pay cash or give a bail bondsman 15 percent plus $40 which comes to $37,540.

If Linville does make bail he will be required to wear an ankle monitor. He was also ordered to stay away from the victims.

“No contact with the Beaumont family, period, in any way shape or form,” said Willis.

A Myspace.com page registered to Linville and last used in June 2009 is rife with obscenities. Under the heading “Here’s A Little About Me” Linville wrote “I’m fascinated by murder and the brain…” and “crazy people (equal) me. RED RUM (equals) MURDER.” Just below that are scrolling photographs which include bloody scenes and kitchen knives.