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Police suspicious of casino stabbing story

F.T. Norton

Police are unable to confirm a man’s story that he was robbed and stabbed inside a Carson City casino.

According to Sheriff Ken Furlong, just before 1 p.m. Sunday, a 42-year-old Gardnerville man told a Casino Fandango employee he’d just been stabbed, robbed of $5,000 and knocked unconscious in the bathroom.

Employees called police and the man was taken from the Big Lots parking lot by Care Flight helicopter to a Reno hospital with what appeared to be two stab wounds to his torso, said Furlong. The wounds turned out to be superficial, he said.

Upon further questioning, said Furlong, the man’s story was difficult to prove.

Furlong said he claimed to have gambled in the casino, but surveillance video shows him walk in the southeast doors and head directly to the bathroom where he remained for 30 minutes. Upon exiting, he is seen walking immediately to the cashier’s cage and reporting the alleged assault.

Furlong said the man also claimed he was just released from jail in South Lake Tahoe and dug up the $5,000 from a field where he’d hidden it prior to his arrest.

Furlong said that when officers entered the bathroom they found packaging for a paring knife in one of the toilets. A knife was never recovered.

“We were unable to verify any of his claims,” the sheriff said. “He said all he wants is the casino to give him back his $5,000.”

Eventually the alleged victim asked for an attorney and has refused to answer further questions, Furlong said.

The incident caused the bathroom near the Palm Court Grill to be cordoned off for more than two hours.

“It was fortunate that we were able to provide direct evidence to the contrary of his story,” said Court Cardinal, vice president and general manager of the casino.

“Casino Fandango, from the day we’ve opened, has had zero tolerance for any illegal activity. If we suspect any illegal activity we either have the people removed from the premises or call the sheriff’s office,” Cardinal said. “I feel that this is an extremely safe place. We have very sharp security forces on the property as well fantastic surveillance capabilities. It always has been and always will be one of the safest places to frequent in town.”