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Pop star King stumps for Kerry in Tahoe

Erin Roth
Erin Roth/Appeal News Service Singer-songwriter Carole King stands with Chris Wicker, chairman of the Democratic party for Washoe County, at a campaign appearance in Incline Village Sunday for presidential candidate John Kerry.

INCLINE VILLAGE – Singer-songwriter Carole King promote Democratic presidential candidate John Kerry here Sunday.

At a luncheon hosted by the Incline Village Democratic Club, King spoke to about 40 people at the home of Moira and Lawrie Lieberman.

King, one of pop music’s most noted composers, said she chose to speak here because she is from a rural, conservative, Republican community, like Incline Village, and wants to reach as many people as possible across party lines.

“I find a lot of people who identify as Republicans, but aren’t happy with the current situation,” King said. “Kerry will bring the party back to where they want to be.”

She also encouraged people to look at all the issues.

“I find that when people look with an open mind, they fall on the side of Kerry/Edwards, no matter what their affiliation.”

Telling the audience she knows Kerry personally and has spent time at this home, King described the candidate as “smart, a visionary, one who is passionate in the desire to make the world a better place, who cares about the environment, education, peace, and who has the commitment to do the right thing.”

King highlighted Kerry’s plans to improve the economy, health care and the environment.

She said raising taxes is a necessary option, and she is “happy to pay my fair share if we can relieve the problems in this country.”

“Something’s got to be done, someone’s got to pay, and I’m willing, if I can afford it,” King said.

She said Kerry may often be quiet on environmental issues because “he knows the environmentalists know what he’s about.”

“Kerry needs to talk about other issues to bring in more people,” she said.

King said accusations of Kerry’s flip-flopping and the Swift boat issue were designed to make the public forget that he not only served in war, but brought home a boatload of men safely.

“I think Bush always intended to go to Iraq,” King said. “If he could establish connection between 9/11 and Iraq, he would.”

King encouraged Kerry supporters to rally their friends and contribute to the campaign.

“I ask people, with great respect, to vote for John Kerry, no matter what their party affiliation,” she said.

The event ended with King leading the audience in the last chorus of “You’ve Got A Friend.”

The singer also is well known for “It’s Too Late.”