Postal rate increase takes effect Monday |

Postal rate increase takes effect Monday

Staff report

Beginning Monday, sending that card to Grandma or that present to your sister will cost a little more.

The increase in postage rates and fees affects all classes of mail except periodicals, which will remain at the same rate until July 15.

The most notable increase is the two-cent hike for a first-class mail stamp, which is used to mail most letters under an ounce. Postcards increased from 24 to 26 cents and one-pound priority mail increased to $4.60 from $4.05.

To help combat the rising cost of stamps, the U.S. Postal Service has begun issuing a Forever Stamp, which are now available in booklets of 20 for $8.20. The Forever Stamp costs the same as a regular first-class stamp, but can be used forever, even if postage increases in the future.

The Forever Stamp will not be available in coils of 100, however there is no limit on the number of the stamps that can be purchased.

The increase will also affect the Postal Service’s Breast Cancer Research stamp, which will now be sold for 55 cents, up from 45 cents. The net difference between the research stamp and a normal first-class stamp is donated to the National Institutes of Health and the Department of Defense. Both organizations conduct breast cancer research.

Since the program was enacted in 1998, the research stamp program has raised more than $53 million for breast cancer research.

The last postage rate increase took place in January.

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