PR officer named for human resources |

PR officer named for human resources

Annie Uccelli has been named public information officer for the Nevada Department of Health and Human Services.

The position was created by the 2005 Legislature to handle public information activities, Web site management and media relations.

She has worked for the state since 2004 as the Health Division’s public information officer.

Before that, Uccelli worked for three years as publicist for downtown Reno’s Eldorado Hotel Casino and Silver Legacy Resort Casino.

Gift card protection law being ignored

(Appeal Capitol Bureau) Assemblyman David Parks, D-Las Vegas, says some retailers are ignoring a new law designed to protect consumers who buy gift cards for friends and families.

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The law approved by the 2005 Legislature requires cards have a clear warning on them if they expire and requires businesses to warn consumers they could lose the money on gift cards if they don’t redeem them in a certain period.

“Unfortunately, it appears that most gift card merchandising is not complying with the requirements of the legislation,” Parks said.

He has asked the state Office of Consumer Protection to help enforce the gift card law.

The new law prohibits retailers from putting an expiration date on a gift card unless the date or a toll-free information number is printed plainly on the front or back of the card and is clearly visible prior to purchase.

It also says businesses also cannot charge a service fee of more than $1 a month and the fees can’t take effect until the card is at least a year old.

Parks sponsored the bill after he set aside a gift card for a few months and then learned at the cash register that the business had deducted fees from the value of the card because it wasn’t used promptly.