PRIDE bus service to Reno from Carson cut |

PRIDE bus service to Reno from Carson cut

Staff reports

Reno-to-Carson PRIDE bus service on Sundays was canceled beginning this week because of low ridership, a Regional Transportation Commission official said Monday.

Commission public information officer Jeff McGrath said PRIDE round-trip bus service from Reno at 4:20 a.m. and 7:20 p.m. on Saturdays also has been cut. And, the weekday bus leaving Reno at 4:50 a.m. and the 5:21 a.m. bus from Carson City have been eliminated.

“There were just very few riders” on Sundays and on the early morning bus, McGrath said. He said the schedule changes retain the most popular travel times while eliminating underused trips.

The transit commission spokesman said PRIDE bus stops have been added at Damonte Ranch and South Meadows in Reno.

He said 176 riders a day pay $3 a day to ride the PRIDE commuter service.

“Most of our riders will not be affected” by the schedule changes, McGrath said.

Transportation Commission officials also announced this week that, with the end of the recent labor dispute, new Citifare bus routes 56 and 57 will expand service in the South Meadows and Damonte Ranch.

“These changes will provide better access to job opportunities in the South Meadows/Damonte area,” said commission Executive Director Greg Krause.

Service on the new bus routes begins Sunday. A 60-foot bus will join the bus fleet Sept. 7 to provide Lemon Valley residents with direct service to downtown Reno, Krause said.

For more information on the commuter bus service, call (866) NV-PRIDE or visit