Prince Charles suggests Camilla may be queen |

Prince Charles suggests Camilla may be queen

LONDON (AP) – Prince Charles has reopened a sensitive debate in Britain by suggesting his wife Camilla may take the title of queen when he becomes monarch. The comments came in an interview with U.S. network NBC recorded in August.

Extracts were aired on British television and received high attention in the week Charles’ son Prince William – who is second in line to the throne – announced his engagement to Kate Middleton.

Camilla legally will be queen if Charles takes the throne, but when the couple married in 2005 officials said she planned to adopt the title Princess Consort rather than the more traditional Queen Consort.

NBC’s Brian Williams asked the 62-year-old heir to the throne if Camilla would become “Queen of England, if and when you become the monarch.” Charles hesitated as he replied “That’s, well … We’ll see won’t we? That could be.”

The difference is purely semantic – the role of consort carries no constitutional power.