Principal gets creamed to celebrate cookie sales |

Principal gets creamed to celebrate cookie sales

Appeal Staff Writer
Cathleen Allison/Nevada Appeal

DAYTON – Friday was a very “good” day for Jade Sanchez, 5, a Dayton Elementary School kindergartner and her classmates.

As the top seller of cookie dough during the DES Booster fundraiser, Sanchez earned the right to throw a pie in Principal Cory Sandberg’s face.

She had a plan and said she felt “good” and that her classmates were “excited.”

“I’m getting close,” she said, when asked if she was afraid she might miss. “I’m nervous ’cause of all the people.”

“The principal agreed that if certain goals were met he would do silly things, ideas which the kids submitted,” said Kadee Mason, booster president. Sandberg also had to dye his hair blue in honor of the 750 items goal. The students sold a total of 974 items, falling just short of their 1,000-unit goal.

“All the money raised will be used to continue (retired teacher Marna Zachry’s) project and make the playground that much better,” Mason said.

Presently the school is trying to get approval and financing to resurface the blacktop.

With his blue hair, and prior to taking on a pie-throwing little girl, Sandberg addressed the assembly.

“In one way or another the money will be given back to you,” he said. “And you’ve done a wonderful job.”

During the assembly, children with birthdays this week were announced and given certificates for a book. All books are purchased by the Boosters.

Finally, it was time for pie throwing.

Sanchez stepped forward, got close and launched the pie squarely in the face of her principal.

When asked how it felt, she replied “good.”

“This was for a good cause and things like this are a good incentive for the kids,” Sandberg said. “A little thing like this can make a big impact on them.”

This year students submitted silly ideas which were narrowed to a list of 10. Sandberg then selected what he would feel comfortable doing.

“Next year,” he said, whipped cream dripping off his face, “whoever sells the most, I get to do this to them!”

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