Prison for man busted in closet stakeout |

Prison for man busted in closet stakeout

F.T. Norton
Kyle Curtis

A Carson City man caught stealing from an elderly woman’s nightstand as police hid in the closet was sent to prison on Monday.

Kyle Canyon Curtis, 23, was sentenced to 12 to 36 months in prison after pleading guilty to grand larceny.

According to court records, a 75-year-old woman on Poole Way reported in September she noticed some jewelry was missing after Curtis came over to do maintenance work.

Officers took the report and were preparing to follow up when the woman called to say that Curtis contacted her saying he wanted to work for her.

Deputies asked the woman to arrange for Curtis to come over, then two officers hid in the bedroom closet.

Through the closet doors, the officers watched as Curtis entered the victim’s bedroom and opened a nightstand drawer.

After being handcuffed, Curtis allegedly apologized to the woman, “begged” her to not press charges and said he would try to recover her jewelry. He also allegedly said he stole the jewelry because he had a drug addiction.

He offered another tearful apology during Monday’s sentencing hearing, and despite his stealing an estimated $10,000 in jewelry, the victim was also tearful and forgiving.

“I’d really like to see Kyle get treatment. He’s been so polite and so sweet, I do believe it’s the drugs that caused this problem.”

But the woman’s daughter wasn’t as forgiving.

“I agree that prison is not what’s going to rehabilitate Kyle, but I also don’t want him doing this to anyone else,” she said.

Her husband was upset that among the stolen jewelry was the class ring given to his 6-year-old daughter by her dying grandfather.

“I know there’s drugs involved but I still think deep down everyone knows right from wrong,” the man said.

Judge Todd Russell agreed.

“It’s clear that Mr. Curtis took advantage of the victims in this case. People who wanted to help him,” said Russell. “He’s disappointed everyone.”

Also before Russell on Monday:

• Joshua Lee Ezekiel, 25, pleaded guilty to gross misdemeanor taking a motor vehicle. He will be sentenced on Feb. 22.