Prison industries wants businesses to come to Lovelock |

Prison industries wants businesses to come to Lovelock

LOVELOCK – Businesses looking for industrial facilities may want to consider a plant that has up to 30,000 square feet of new space about 70 miles northeast of Reno on Interstate 80.

The facility at Coal Canyon east of Lovelock also offers what supporters might term a “captive workforce.” That’s because it’s located at the Lovelock Correctional Center – the state’s newest medium security prison – and operated by the Department of Prisons’ Silver State Industries program.

John Woodburn, coordinator of the program in Lovelock, is holding an open house Jan. 20 so business people and industrial managers from around the state and the West can look at the facility.

“Local, statewide and national companies have utilized Nevada’s Prison Industries Programs over the years as a valuable resource which provides a dependable, talented and motivated workforce,” said Woodburn.

He said the workforce is very stable since it consists of the most motivated inmates seeking to learn job skills and save a few dollars in preparation for their release. He said another advantage to business is the price of space at the facility – as low as 15 cents a square foot per month.

Woodburn said the open house begins at 10 a.m. at the center. He said anyone interested in attending should call the Center at (775) 273-4201 and ask for Cindy.

Prison officials say the prison industries programs returned more than $366,500 to the state last fiscal year through inmate room and board payments and put another $64,000 into the Victims of Crime and Capital Improvement funds.

In addition to teaching job skills experts hope will help prevent inmates from returning to a life of crime once released, the program lets them save some money to start their life on the outside.