Prison medical director retiring |

Prison medical director retiring

Appeal Capitol Bureau

Dr. Ted D’Amico, who won praise from the governor and lawmakers for getting prison medical costs under control, will retire as medical director for the Nevada Department of Corrections on April 1.

D’Amico has held that position since January 1998. Costs were so out of control at the time that Guinn called for privatization of the program. But D’Amico told the governor and Legislature he could fix the system if given the chance.

By the 2001 session, he had results to show both Guinn and the Legislature.

He reduced hospital admissions and patient costs as well as modernizing the handling and control of prescription drugs. He saved nearly $5 million.

“The state of Nevada has been truly fortunate to have someone of Dr. D’Amico’s skill, experience and knowledge serve in the position of medical director,” Guinn said Friday. “He has guided his department through a period of tremendous growth, improved the medical care provided to prisoners and done so while keeping the cost of prisoner care below the national medical inflation rate.”

D’Amico manages the prison medical division which has grown to encompass a $30 million annual budget and more than 325 employees. The division provides services to an inmate population of more than 10,000, supervising services at seven facilities and 10 camps throughout the state.

No replacement has yet been named for the post.

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