Program to help save for college |

Program to help save for college

State Treasurer Kate Marshall has announced the launch of the Silver State Matching Grant Program.

Nevada families with Upromise 529 college funds can apply for a matching grant of up to $300 a year, with a maximum of $1,500.

“The Silver State Matching Grant Program will provide lower- and middle-income Nevada families with a greater ability to save for their children’s higher education needs,” Marshall said. “This is yet another avenue we have added to the Upromise College Fund 529 Plan to help our residents meet the escalating costs of higher education.”

To qualify:

• Both the account owner and the beneficiary must be Nevada residents.

• The beneficiary must be 13 years or younger at the time the first matching grant is approved.

• The applicant must have a Upromise College Fund 529 Plan account.

• The applicant’s household adjusted gross income in the previous year must have been $61,950 or less.

For more information call 800-587-7305 or visit