Progress on truck removal painfully slow |

Progress on truck removal painfully slow

Susie Vasquez, Appeal Staff Writer
A SUV remains stuck on the hill near the white Stewart S just south of Prison Hill Wednesday afternoon. The vehicle has moved downhill. photo by Rick Gunn

A late-model white Ford Bronco marooned among the rocks and sage in Carson City’s Prison Hill Recreational Area is slowly moving toward town.

“The person responsible has been given seven days to remove the vehicle. Today is the seventh day,” said Bureau of Land Management spokesman Stan Kubrow on Wednesday.

The area is supervised by the Bureau of Land Management and Kubrow said he watched the progress from his yard Tuesday. All activity stopped at dusk, but he’s cautiously optimistic.

“We’re trying to avoid spending the taxpayers’ money to remove the vehicle and we’ve authorized him to take another vehicle in there to get it out. Damage to the environment must be restored. The responsible party knows that,” Kubrow said.

“The owner said the battery died. We haven’t been told that there was a broken axle, flat tire or anything like that. Since he’s made some progress, he may request an extension on the seven-day time limit.”

Removing the vehicle with a helicopter is among the options being considered if the effort fails, according to Kubrow.

The southern third of the Prison Hill Recreation Area is open to motor vehicles. The vehicle is stuck on the northern two-thirds of the recreation area, reserved exclusively for hiking and biking. The closed area is signed and posted and a citation could be issued.

According to Carson City Sheriff’s Office spokesman Scott Burau, the driver’s name is being withheld by Carson City police because he is a juvenile. Bureau officials won’t release the name until the matter is resolved.