Proposed ban on texting and driving delayed |

Proposed ban on texting and driving delayed

Associated Press Writer

Nevada lawmakers said Wednesday a bill to prohibit drivers from text messaging on cell phones needs some rewording to make it clearer.

SB136 would ban drivers from writing, sending or reading a text message while operating a vehicle. Emergency personnel and law officers would be exempted. Violators would be fined $20 for a first offense and $50 for a second one. They wouldn’t count as moving violations.

The bill doesn’t ban reading a telephone number or contact entry on a cell phone if making or receiving a call.

Senate Energy, Infrastructure and Transportation Committee members recommended amendments to Sen. Shirley Breeden, D-Henderson, the bill’s primary author, to include other potentially unsafe driving behaviors and to clarify what it means to operate a vehicle.

Breeden will chair a subcommittee to further discuss the bill. She said that while text messaging and enforcement of the proposed law remain her primary issues, she welcomes all other concerns.