Public comment sought about wild horse roundup |

Public comment sought about wild horse roundup

ELY (AP) – Federal land managers are seeking public comment on plans to remove 495 wild horses from the range near Ely.

The U.S. Bureau of Land Management has set the appropriate level at 100 to 210 mustangs for the Eagle Herd Management Area in eastern Lincoln County, about 50 miles southeast of Ely.

The agency, which estimates there are 595 wild horses in the area, also plans to gather 50 mustangs that reside outside the area.

According to the agency’s preliminary environmental assessment, the roundup is needed to protect the range from further deterioration stemming from an overpopulation of wild horses.

The BLM says the gather will improve vegetation, habitat and watershed health in the area.

The agency is scheduled to accept comments through Jan. 27 and begin the gather in February.