Public employee pay, benefits to be discussed today |

Public employee pay, benefits to be discussed today

Employee unions and the Las Vegas Chamber of Commerce face off today over charges state and local employees receive pay and benefits out of line with private industry.

Both sides will have their advocates present as the Senate Government Affairs Committee convenes at 1:30 p.m. in the Legislature.

The committee, chaired by Sen. John Lee, D-Las Vegas, will begin with an analysis of public employee compensation levels, benefits and retirement by Jeremy Aguero of Applied Analysis in Las Vegas.

Dana Bilyeu, executive officer of the Public Employees Retirement System, also will be there to discuss retirement benefits.

There will be presentations by Steve Hill, chairman of the Las Vegas Chamber of Commerce, and union representatives including Lynn Warne of the Nevada State Education Association and Danny Thompson of the Nevada AFL-CIO.

Those groups have been exchanging charges in the Southern Nevada press with chamber officials charging that public employees have benefits that are far richer than their private counterparts and high numbers of executives paid more than $100,000 a year.

Union officials have countered with lists of what Las Vegas Chamber and Convention and Visitor Authority officials and others in the private sector make.

Because of the crowd expected, the meeting has been moved to the auditorium in Room 1214.