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Q&A Tuesday: A banker with a heart for helping others

Kevin Clifford/Nevada Appeal Laurie Layton was recently hired by Business Bank of Nevada as the new customer service manager. Layton has been in the banking business for about 30 years.

Laurie Layton left her career with Bank of America to work for a small state bank focused on the business client. She prefers the personable atmosphere of Business Bank of Nevada, which has a branch on East College Parkway in Carson City. The 48-year-old Douglas County woman is the mother of a 15-year-old son and dreams of one day working in a hospital. She is studying for her associate’s degree in business studies.

You worked at Bank of America for 18 years. Why the switch?

I’d been looking for a small community bank and then I got a call from Holly (Powell) – who is retiring. She had hired me 18 years ago at Valley Bank, before it was Bank of America. She was about to retire and wanted a replacement. I said I was interested.

What’s the difference between Bank of America and Business Bank?

It’s more hands on and more personable. If there’s a problem I have personal contact or phone contact with headquarters in Las Vegas. And I get all the help I need.

What’s your role as customer service manager?

I oversee the overall operations of the bank, such as the cash deposits and the safety of the customers’ money.

What’s the most interesting interaction you’ve had with a customer?

There’s so many. It’s the ones that I can help with a problem or issue. If I can help them then that’s what makes this job the best. I’ve been in this business for 28 years and there are so many stories. (Contact Layton at Business Bank of Nevada, 1811 E. College Parkway, at 885-1220.)

If you could learn any skill, what would it be?

I would love to be a nurse. I love hospitals. I know that sounds strange, but when I was growing up in Bridgeport, Calif., I’d walk over to the hospital after school to check in with my mom, who worked at the small hospital. The cook would give me a snack and I’d go around visiting all the kids. I really enjoyed that.

Could that lead to a volunteer opportunity?

I think so – who knows, after I get my two-year degree I may go on for my nursing degree.