REAL HERO: Cindy Merrell, workplace hero |

REAL HERO: Cindy Merrell, workplace hero

Nevada Appeal Staff Report
Published Caption: Cathleen Allison/Nevada Appeal

Carson City Dispatch Supervisor Cindy Merrell was nominated by Carson Sheriff Ken Furlong for her handling of an emergency call to 911 from a hysterical mother whose 3-week-old son was not breathing.

“Cindy immediately began life saving instructions from the center’s emergency medical charts. Her confident instructions and stern tone were quickly accepted by mom,” said Furlong of the Jan. 19 incident. “Then finally, during the emotionally exhausting six-minute life-shattering ordeal, Ms. Merrell heard a weak cry over the phone … The 3-week-old baby had survived, thanks to his mother and the firm but calm and determined actions of a 911 emergency operator.”

A dispatcher for more than two decades, Merrell’s professionalism and determination saved the baby’s life, said Furlong.

“I was just glad that the baby was alive and I could help the mom,” said Merrell.