Rebate programs target seniors |

Rebate programs target seniors

Staff Report

Applications for local seniors seeking potential tax and rent rebates from the Nevada Division of Aging Services are now available at the Carson City Assessor’s Office.

Requirements include being a full-time Nevada resident since July 2005, reaching age 62 by July 2006, and a gross annual income not exceeding $26,190.

Residents must provide proof that they fulfill these requirements, and must apply in the county where they live.

First-time applicants will need to supply photocopies of one of the following documents: Their driver’s license, state identification card, birth certificate, a Social Security Administration statement or other legal document verifying date of birth. The state will not accept an out-of-state driver’s license as proof of age.

Renters will need to submit receipts for rent paid in January, July and December 2005, and any months their rent increased or decreased.

Equally suitable documentation would be either a copy of the landlord’s ledger card or a signed and dated statement from the landlord detailing amounts of rent paid each month with contact information for you and the landlord. Also provide a telephone number to reach the landlord.

Among other stipulations: The applicant’s property can’t have any assessed value of more than $200,000 and can’t possess other liquid assets of more than $150,000.

The deadline to apply is April 30.

The refunds, depending on how much they pay in taxes, will range from $5 to $500.

Applications are available at the Assessor’s Office, 201 N. Carson St., Suite 6.

Additional refunds may be available for Carson City seniors who own their home, or mobile home, and pay for local water and sewer services. Call 887-2130.