Record 1.3 million active voters in Nevada in 2012 |

Record 1.3 million active voters in Nevada in 2012


The year 2012 ended with a record 1.3 million Nevadans on the secretary of state’s active voter rolls, with 547,256 registered Democrats holding a 100,000-plus margin over 447,158 registered Republicans.When inactive voters — those who are registered but either didn’t vote this time or whose registration forms are incomplete for some reason — are added in, the total is 1.42 million statewide. That includes 595,729 Democrats and 482,820 Republicans. Inactive voters can still vote in any election.Statewide, 42 percent of the total active and inactive voters are Democrats and 34.4 percent Republicans. More than 17 percent are listed as nonpartisan with minor parties claiming the remainder of the voter roll.In the month following the general election, Secretary of State Ross Miller’s elections division reports there was a small increase in the number of Democrats registered but a slight decrease in the number of Republicans.Carson City reported a total active-inactive registration of 29,122 in December. Republicans hold a solid lead with 12,596 to 9,719 Democrat voters.Douglas County has just 9,041 Democrats on its total December voter roll compared with 17,263 Republicans; Churchill County had 7,694 Republicans and 3,357 Democrats; and in Elko County, the Republican advantage was 12,177 to 4,862 Democrats.The only other county outside the two most populous counties, Clark and Washoe, where more Democrats are registered than Republicans is Mineral, with total registration of 1,179 Democrats to 1,105 Republicans.The key to the statewide Democratic advantage in total registration is populous Clark County, by far the largest of the state’s 17 counties, where 441,752 Democrats were signed up in December compared with 291,039 Republicans.Registration in Washoe County has shifted over the past decade, resulting in Republicans losing what was once a solid advantage in the state’s second largest county. Now the two major parties are neck-and-neck in total registration, with 101,447 Democrats and 101,356 Republicans.