Record number vote early in Carson City |

Record number vote early in Carson City

Rhonda Costa
Nevada Appeal Staff Writer
BRAD HORN/Nevada Appeal

Many of Carson City’s registered voters took advantage of early voting Saturday and in the process set a record number for turnout on the first day.

According to Carson City Clerk-Recorder Alan Glover, 1,198 votes were cast on Saturday, far outpacing the first-day record of 813 from four years ago.

The overall one-day record is 1,483, which was set on the final Friday of early voting in 2004, when voters had three more hours to cast ballots than they did Saturday.

Glover said the day was going very smoothly considering the overwhelming number of people who showed up to vote.

“Yes, we will absolutely have a record number (of voters) today,” Glover said. “But the number of registered voters is down from four years ago.

“But I think we will have more people turn out (for this election).”

In just two hours, deputy clerk Sylvia Yasumoto said 369 people had recorded their vote.

“It’s been busy,” Yasumoto said.

Sue Merriwether, chief deputy of elections, said she noticed the long line forming when she arrived at the office.

“We started at 9:30 a.m. because we were ready to go, and there were so many people in line,” Merriwether said.

“With more and more people getting in line, we chose to open early. And I called for assistance.”

The hall of the clerk’s office was lined with 21 voting machines. People were lined up in the hall and snaked through the main lobby.

Rose and Steve Jones, who had their young son Clayton with them, said it was convenience that got them to vote early.

“It’s on a Saturday, which is convenient, and you get to spend quality time with your spouse while you’re in line,” Rose said.

Michael Feldstean also took advantage of early voting.

“I want my voice to be heard early,” he said.

Glover said there are 25,308 registered voters in Carson City. Roughly, there are 9,000 Democrats and 11,000 Republicans.

Susan Dyke got to the office about 1:15 p.m. and said the line moved fairly quickly.

“A lot of us were there lined up to the door,” she said. “And it wasn’t frustrating, we moved right along. What was really cute is at the same time, two groups came in to get married.”

Dyke said most of those in line were older than the age of 50, with a few younger voters sprinkled in.

“I voted because I care about my city, county, state and my country,” she said.

Early voting continues through Oct. 31 at the clerk-recorder’s office, 885 E. Musser St., from 8 a.m. to 6 p.m. Monday through Friday, and 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. on Saturdays. There is no voting on Sundays.

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