Red Hat Society meets at Governor’s Mansion in Carson City |

Red Hat Society meets at Governor’s Mansion in Carson City

Nevada Appeal staff report
Governor's Mansion employee Cesar Rocha gives Red Hat Society members a tour of the historical building Thursday afternoon in Carson City.
Brad Coman/Nevada Appeal |

Northern Nevada Red Hat Society chapter members gathered Thursday for lunch and a tour at the Governor’s Mansion to celebrate Red Hat Society Day, which is April 25. The Red Hat Society will be celebrating its 18th year.

In 1997, Sue Ellen Cooper (Founding Exalted Queen) gave a vintage red hat (which was put on display at the Smithsonian Museum of American History in April 2011) with a copy of the poem “Warning” by Jenny Joseph (in which the narrator threatens to wear a purple dress with a clashing red hat as she heads into old age) to a close girlfriend for her 55th birthday. Over a few months, other friends were given the same gift.

Over the next year several began to go out in their purple dresses and red hats to tea, lunch, etc. Soon women were contacting Sue Ellen to ask how they too can join in the fun, thus the first “Red Hat Society” chapter was formed on April 25, 1998. The Red Hat Society now attracts women in all age demographics through both the “Red Hat” (those over 50) and the “Pink Hat” (those under 50).

Our official website,, is the center point of communications between chapters, supporting members, enthusiasts (individuals who enjoy the lifestyle RHS offers). The Red Hat Society Hatquarters is located in Fullerton, Calif. For more information about the RHS visit its website at or contact Hatquarters, 1-866-636-2826, Monday through Thursday 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. Also check out the Red Hat Society on Twitter at #ShareTheFunRHS.