Redevelopment approves Proctor St. improvements. |

Redevelopment approves Proctor St. improvements.

Amanda Hammon, Appeal Staff Writer

Proctor Street next to Carson City Hall will receive sidewalk, paving and landscaping improvements in a new project that could create a center for pedestrian activity.

The Carson City Redevelopment Authority Citizen’s Committee approved Wednesday $40,000 for curb, gutter and sidewalks as well as lamp posts matching the posts that run through the redevelopment district.

Carson Transportation Manager John Flansberg concocted the project, which will see sidewalks on the small section of street brought up to appropriate disability standards. Utility crews are replacing sewer lines in the area, and nearby Musser Street will be repaved Oct. 19 as a part of the city’s street maintenance program. Flansberg said as they looked at all the projects converging on the small street, the potential for upgrades in a variety of areas became obvious. Garibaldi’s Italian restaurant, on the corner of Proctor and Carson streets, is expanding and adding an outdoor dining area in an alley with a Proctor street border.

With paving nearby, it might not cost much more to pave the small section of street between Carson and Plaza streets, and the sidewalks needed to be improved anyway.

The project will include decorative planters on the northwest and southwest corners of Proctor and Plaza streets. The planters will help narrow the entrance to Proctor to deter traffic from entering the one-way street. The planters will be similar to those at Telegraph Square and will be high enough for people to use their edges as a seat.

Supervisor Robin Williamson, chairwoman of the redevelopment authority, pointed out the block the street anchors is home to several restaurants and the improvements would draw people to them as well as creating better access to City Hall.

“Hopefully, it’s going to be a lot of pedestrian traffic and a lot of energy and enthusiasm,” she said.

Flansberg will ask the Regional Transportation Commission in October to fund paving the Plaza. City crews began Wednesday tearing out sidewalk, the curb and gutter. The replacement sidewalk will continue the stamped, color concrete theme on Carson Street’s sidewalk.

All the improvements should be completed in November.