Redevelopment Committee wants to develop Fuji |

Redevelopment Committee wants to develop Fuji

Amanda Hammon

Despite residents’ promises to fight the addition of a retail site next to Fuji Park, a city committee opted in favor of future sales and property taxes.

Carson City’s Redevelopment Authority Citizen’s Committee unanimously approved recommending the addition of the redevelopment district’s first satellite site at Fuji Park.

City Manager John Berkich told committee members the 15.3 acres, city-owned site was “at the center of influence where everyone wants their business.”

Committee members embraced the idea, saying it was a win for Carson City. Chairwoman Robin Williamson noted if talks with Costco broke down, the site’s location could still draw other retailers.

“I think this is a huge win for redevelopment and Carson City, not only for consumers but also for taxpayers,” committee member Linda Johnson said.

Residents Craig and Karen Hooper spoke against the proposal, saying they feared for Fuji Park.

“If you relocate Fuji Park, you could never replace the way it looks again,” Karen Hooper said. “You threaten the quality of the park. Costco going there will destroy that park. I’m not anti-Costco in Carson City, just against where you’re putting it.”

“It’s appropriate next to Target and Home Depot,” Craig Hooper added. “I will fight this as much as possible.”

The site is at the junction of highways 50 and 395, and with the redesign of the freeway interchange, has become a prime real estate site. The city is not in a position to deal with and sell the property to a single developer as the land is a piece of the park system and is subject to public bid laws.

Putting the site north of Clear Creek Road and south of Highway 50 into the redevelopment district allows the city to sell the land without going through the public bid process,

Money from the sale of property should go to the city’s general fund, but all property taxes after that head into the redevelopment district.

Committee members expressed concern over the legality of their actions. The district attorney’s office approves the action and outside legal counsel has given it a thumbs up as well.