Region’s bears awake and hungry |

Region’s bears awake and hungry

by Kurt Hildebrand
Nevada Appeal News Service

While Douglas County black bears have been quiet so far, there’s no reason to believe that hungry bruins won’t be knocking on doors soon.

Nevada Department of Wildlife Biologist Carl Lackey said the season has been busy so far, but that he anticipates it will slow down as forage becomes available in the mountains.

“One thing that’s happening now is that the amount of snowpack in the Carson Range may be pushing the bears into the valleys,” he said. “They’re up and hungry, and there’s not a whole lot of green yet in the mountains.”

Lackey said that once the snow recedes that will change.

“Once the weather warms up, food will be plentiful for the bears and hopefully we’ll have a semi-slow year.”

Douglas County deputies responded to a burglar alarm on Kingsbury Grade on Wednesday morning that turned out to be a mama bear and two cubs in a garage. Deputies scared off the bears and secured the home. There was some damage to a set of doors and a frame, but the bears didn’t get in.

Lackey said he’s captured three bears and killed one in Carson City so far this spring.

“One in Carson City busted through a garage door,” he said. “Another one in Washoe Valley was killed by federal guys.”

Trash was the recurring issue for the bear Lackey killed in Carson City.

“People left their trash out and unfortunately the bear had to pay,” he said. “If it’s just trash related, we catch and release them with the aversion treatment. But if they pose a threat to livestock or public safety, then we have to kill them.”