Reid’s needs to rethink nomination |

Reid’s needs to rethink nomination

Nevada Appeal Editorial Board

The Nevada Appeal’s Silver Dollars & Wooden Nickels feature recognizes positive achievements from the capital region and, when warranted, points out others that missed the mark.

WOODEN NICKEL: To Sen. Harry Reid for nominating Clark County District Judge Elissa Cadish to the federal bench. Questions about whether Cadish supports the Second Amendment should be enough to derail her nomination, and Nevada GOP Sen. Dean Heller is right in declining to allow the nomination to go forward.

SILVER DOLLAR: To Hollie Miller, a teacher’s aide at Empire Elementary School in Carson City, for being named the school district’s Classified Employee of the Year. Miller works with the school’s emotionally handicapped children, giving them “a soft place to fall.” And when her charges earn a reward, she often treats them to special lunches and prizes.

SILVER DOLLAR: To Daryl Reedy, owner of the Arby’s restaurant in Carson City, for raising a red flag to other restaurateurs about a phone scam in which the miscreant places a large catering order and then asks for a cash-back transaction. When merchants look out for one another, fewer get scammed.

WOODEN NICKEL: To those motorists who continue to talk or text on cellphones while driving. Reminder: That’s now illegal in Nevada, and the authorities have been busy issuing citations to violators.