Remembering seniors at Christmas time |

Remembering seniors at Christmas time

Rhonda Costa
Appeal Staff Writer

Sometimes happiness is expressed with a simple smile.

For many of the homebound seniors in the community, all it takes is one modest gift to bring that smile to life.

The Carson City Senior Citizens Center is in need of groups, organizations or individuals to adopt about 30 homebound seniors to provide a gift for them at Christmas. Most of the nearly 100 on the adoption list have been spoken for.

“Some of our clients are people who have family but are far away, many of them have no family,” said Janice McIntosh, senior center director. “To the senior, it really touches their heart somebody actually cares about them. They are very thankful for that and for what they receive. It’s a win-win situation for everyone.”

Goldie Lewis, 80, of Carson City is a first-year adoptee. She requested a house coat, which was purchased for her by Lou Hecht.

“It’s pink,” Lewis remarked. “It’s a good color.”

Lewis is having a good day at home. Blinded in her right eye by cataracts, vision in her left eye comes and goes.

“I think it’s great,” she said. “It’s really nice to know somebody cares. Usually nobody does.”

A group that has adopted seniors for the past eight years is the Carson City Raiders Booster Club. Club president Bob Gomez said the seniors deserve to be honored.

“They don’t have families, and we don’t want them to be overlooked,” Gomez said.

“We’ve adopted 15 seniors the past four years. As our fundraisers have been more successful, we’ve been able to adopt more. The smiles and hugs we receive from them are our payoff. It makes all the hard work worth while.

“But we can only be as successful as our membership and community lets us.”

The booster club will hold their annual Christmas Commitment fundraiser from 1-4 p.m. Sunday at Q’s Barbecue, 230 Fairview Dr. Special guest is former Raider backup quarterback Don Milan. The fundraiser includes a live auction and raffle for dozens of prizes ” some autographed by former and current Raider players. It is open to the public.

Marie Borgo is assisting Charlie Daniels at the Carson City Senior Citizens Center with the adoption program. She said they offer gift suggestions for those who may not know what to purchase for the senior. The adoptees are given the senior’s first name, age and gift preference.

“Mostly the seniors request pajamas, slippers or other clothing,” Bordo said. “The person adopting then goes out and buys the gift and brings it back to us so we can give it to the senior. Even other seniors at the center are adopting, like Lou adopted Goldie.

“We also recommend gift cards to stores like Walgreen’s and Wal-Mart because they can be used to help pay for medications the senior might need. The need is so bad now because of the economy, which has affected the seniors’ expenses but without their income going up, puts them in more need.”

The Soroptimists International of Carson City is another group that has been longtime adopters of the seniors.

“We like to do something for seniors because some of us are seniors,” said Jessie Keller, co-chairwoman of the event. “We find the people are appreciative that we help them so we try to stick with that.

“A little cheering up always helps them. They’re really sweet.”

The Soroptimists also holds projects that benefit well children and women and provide scholarships to a Carson High School senior girl.

“We also try to help the senior center with their Christmas and Easter lists, to put with their Meals on Wheels program,” Keller added.

To help, call Borgo or Daniels at the senior center, 883-0703.

– Contact Rhonda Costa at or 881-1223.