Reno airport runs smoothly despite terrorism scare |

Reno airport runs smoothly despite terrorism scare

Staff report

Passengers at the Reno Tahoe International Airport were understanding of the new regulations Thursday, according to Trish Tucker, airport spokeswoman.

“Everything went relatively smoothly, all things considered,” she said. “It was well appreciated.”

Tucker advised travelers arrive at least 90 minutes prior to departure, and to call the airline in advance for possible delays.

She said the main changes at the airport will be all passengers will have to remove their shoes before entering the security checkpoint, and there will be an increase in random searches of luggage and passengers.

Items that will no longer be allowed in carry-on luggage include:

• Beverages

• Toothpaste

• Hairspray

• Perfume

• Deodorant

• Mouthwash

• Hair gels

• Lotion

Tucker said, for now, security checkpoints are running slower than usual.

“We’re asking people to pack their patience,” she said.