Repairs complete on Battle Born Memorial in Carson City |

Repairs complete on Battle Born Memorial in Carson City

Carlos Iniguez of Premier Tile and Stone goes across the new marble surface of the Battle Born Memorial honoring Nevada's fallen veterans, polishing it with cloths soaked in Acetone under his shoes.
Geoff Dornan/Nevada Appeal

The new marble slab is in place and curing overnight, completing repairs to the Battle Born Memorial behind the Capitol.

David Merrill of Premier Tile and Stone and his crew replaced the entire surface after it was damaged by four teens riding their bicycles and Razor scooters across the black marble, cracking several of the slabs and chipping their edges. Merrill said they had to replace all of the top because there was no way to match the color and pattern of the original marble.

The damage happened just three days after Gov. Brian Sandoval dedicated the memorial.

The repairs cost the state some $45,000 and Merrill got the contract because it was his company that installed the original marble surface.

He said now the state needs to find a way to keep bikes, scooters and boards off the marble surface to prevent more damage and another round of repairs.

After the final polishing, Merrill said the surface would be covered by a tent and kept warm by propane heaters over night to cure the surface seal and adhesive holding the slabs in place.

Director of Administration Patrick Cates said architects and contractors are still working on a permanent fix to protect the slab. Until then, he said there will be tape and cones along with signs telling people — especially bikers and boarders — to stay off.

In addition, he said they’re installing video cameras that will provide a better view of anyone attempting to violate those restrictions.