Replicas of country’s founding documents now in Carson City |

Replicas of country’s founding documents now in Carson City

(L-R) Mayor Bob Crowell, Ken Brown and Chuck Slavin recently pose for a photo at the new Charters of Freedom Monument at the Carson City Courthouse.
Brad Coman/Nevada Appeal

Mission Accomplished.

While the job of raising funds is still a major project, Carson City is now home to a Charters of Freedom Monument.

Chuck Slavin began his mission late last year to bring the historic documents that shaped this nation to Carson City and they’re now on permanent display for everyone to see in front of the courthouse on Musser Street.

The monument contains the three major founding documents of this country — the Declaration of Independence, the Constitution and the Bill of Rights, known as the Charters of Freedom. The Bill of Rights are the first 10 amendments of the Constitution. The Carson City monument contains exact replicas of the three documents.

Slavin worked with the Charters of Freedom Foundation to bring the Charters of Freedom to Carson City and the foundation jumped at the chance putting the $75,000 up front for the construction of the monument. The foundation wanted a monument placed out west and Carson City is the first community west of the Mississippi to have a monument.

The fact Carson City is also the state capital also helped.

“Absolutely did, yes indeed,” said Slavin about Carson City being a state capital helping to bring the monument to the community. “The Carson City location was a priority for the foundation.”

Now there’s the task of continuing to raise funds to pay back the foundation. Donations can be made through the web site and etched pavers are now being sold. For $100, donors can have their names or names of loved ones etched on a paver that’s placed at the site. Those who have already donated can have their donation applied toward a paver.

“We had some donated time and materials which was important to us,” Slavin said.

Those who contributed were Newt Concrete Construction, American Ready Mix, 3D Concrete and Meeks. Slavin said “all made significant contributions of materials and time.”

Slavin began the process of bringing the monument to Carson City when he went to the Board of Supervisors last Dec. 7. The board approved the project by a 5-0 vote.

“They’ve helped us every step of the way,” said Slavin about the city. He said Darren Anderson, project manager from Public Works, was most helpful.

An official dedication ceremony will be held at noon on Flag Day, June 14. “I’m delighted,” Slavin said, “Hopefully the city is too. What a great asset for the city. A great education tool not just for young people but for old folks like me, too.”

For information, call Slavin, 775-762-2662.