Reservoir search for missing mom proves fruitless |

Reservoir search for missing mom proves fruitless


FALLON – A plane flew over Lahontan Reservoir on Monday in a continuation of Sunday’s search for clues in the disappearance of a Carson City mother.

Churchill County Sheriff Richard Ingram said Carson City authorities asked for assistance in combing a large area of the reservoir’s shoreline and surrounding desert.

He said the search Sunday focused on an area between beaches one and 11, “paying particular attention close to the highway.”

Bertha Anguiano was last seen dropping off her 6-year-old son at Empire Elementary School about 8 a.m. Nov. 10.

Some 90 minutes later her 3-year-old son, Andrew, was found bloodied behind Smith’s grocery store in Dayton.

Andrew told police a man named “Juan” hit his mother and him. He said his mother was dead. A forensic examination of blood found on Andrew’s clothing “Indicated the profile of a female related to (Andrew),” according to a search warrant.

Police believe Juan Carlos Tellez, a man with whom Anguiano, 33, was allegedly having an affair, is the person to whom Andrew was referring.

Tellez, 36, checked out of the Oxbow Motor Lodge in Fallon just two hours after Andrew was found.

Tellez was arrested in Salt Lake City Nov. 21 after the manhunt led to Utah where he has relatives.

Ingram said the search at Lake Lahontan was simply an expansion of previous searches that stretch from Carson City where Anguiano was last seen towards Fallon.

“We’ve organized a grid by grid search, especially along the highway. Lahontan is one of the places we wanted to take a strong look at because of all the entrances and exits,” said Johnson.

Weather on Monday allowed the use of the privately owned aircraft.

“Primarily we’re looking for a body or any excavation or what appears to be excavation,” Ingram said.

Assisting in the search during cold and windy conditions Sunday were 16 members of the search and rescue team, four Churchill County Sheriff’s deputies and two state parks employees.

He said the search was fruitless.