Residents appeal care home decision |

Residents appeal care home decision

Jill Lufrano

Answering 11 appeals by residents and homeowner associations, Carson City supervisors will hold a public hearing Thursday to decide whether to allow an elder-care home to operate in Lakeview.

Residents in the small, isolated community strongly opposed the proposal made by a California care-home operator at the December Planning Commission meeting. Commissioners approved the care home at the Numaga Pass home, saying state law overrules the neighborhood agreement that prohibits it.

Since then, several residents and homeowner associations have filed lengthy appeals with the city. Many residents of the 300-home community with properties of 2 acres or more were certain its covenants and restrictions protected them from operating a care home.

Put in place in 1979, the CC and Rs restrict businesses, commercial activity or nuisance behavior in the neighborhood in northwest Carson City.

Planning commissioners said they were obligated to approve a special permit. State law prohibits cities from refusing special-use permits for group homes of 10 or fewer residents, if property owners meet local health and safety standards.

Homeowner and care-home applicant Karen Kelly said she plans to allow eight to 10 senior residents to live at her house. The facility would have one live-in aide and an assistant.

Seniors who will be age 65 and older would be selected for the home by Kelly. The cost for each resident would range from $3,000 to $3,500 per month for full-time care.

Kelly operates three similar care homes in the San Diego area and has been in the business for 10 years. The home at 4150 Numaga Pass would offer a private, serene place for seniors who don’t have dementia or problems that would require a lock-down.

Those who appealed the decision said they objected to the violation of the neighborhood restrictions, and predicted adverse impacts to the rustic beauty and tranquility of the neighborhood, increased traffic and congestion, wear and tear on roads, noise and jeopardized safety and security.

The Board of Supervisors has the final decision on appeals of zoning and land-use issues.

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