Residents asked to stay out of burn area |

Residents asked to stay out of burn area

by F.T. Norton

With reseeding of the hillsides affected by the Waterfall fire, state officials are reminding people to stay out of the burn area.

“The need for the public to restrain from entering the burned areas of the Waterfall fire is particularly appropriate now that seeding and mulching activities are beginning,” explained State Forester Pete Anderson. “Burned areas are still fragile and easily disturbed. In addition, the helicopter seeding and mulching activities of the next three weeks will add a public safety risk. Therefore, Carson City, the NDF and the Forest Service will be working with the seeding contractor to reduce any possible risks we can control, including public access within the closed burn area.”

Carson District Ranger Gary Schiff said people in the burn areas could be injured if helicopters have to release seeding and buckets and rice straw bales in an emergency, or if winds from the choppers blow over fire weakened snags and knock down limbs and trees.

If people are seen in the area during reseeding, the contractor may be forced to shut down operations until they are removed, delaying the project and adding cost to the $1.1 million effort.

“We need our residents’ full cooperation in order to make sure we achieve success,” said Juan Guzman, Carson City open space manager.

Guzman urges people to call the Sheriff’s Department’s non-emergency dispatch number at 887-2007 if they witness anyone in the burn area.

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