Review set for embezzler behind on payments |

Review set for embezzler behind on payments

Nevada Appeal News Service

MINDEN- District Judge Michael Gibbons set a September review hearing for a Carson City woman who fell behind in monthly payments toward $143,000 restitution she embezzled from a title company.

Robin Ecklund, 49, admitted June 25 she fell behind in the $750-a-month payments she was ordered to make to Marquis Title and Escrow Co. two years ago.

A preliminary violation report by the state parole and probation department was dated October 2006.

Gibbons said he was dismayed that it took so long for the probation violation incident report to find its way into court.

He said he was concerned that the most serious violation – entering a casino – was not charged.

“Pass along my extreme dissatisfaction in the procedure for this report,” Gibbons said. “I want this kind of information brought to court in one or two months, not 12 months later, not 16 months later.”

Ecklund said she had been assigned five different probation officers since her sentencing.

Ecklund’s lawyer, Ben Walker, said his client was getting a divorce and would be receiving an $11,000 settlement which she would apply toward the debt.

Walker said she was working 40 hours a week, looking for an additional 20-hour-a-week job and attending Gamblers Anonymous. He said Ecklund was making monthly payments, but they were lower than ordered.

“She’s doing the best she can,” Walker said.

Ecklund pleaded guilty to embezzling more than $150,000 from the title company. At her sentencing in September 2005, Ecklund turned over $22,235 she had in a bank account.

Walker said as long as Ecklund’s ex-husband pays her settlement, she will be current with her payments.

Gibbons ordered Ecklund back to court Sept. 24 for review.

Ecklund worked as an escrow officer at the Elk Point branch of Marquis Title when the money disappeared between April 2004 and January 2005.

She said she spent the money gambling, to pay off a car loan and to purchase food and clothing and pay rent for her two grown children.