Richards Crossing means home says Ken Beaton |

Richards Crossing means home says Ken Beaton

Ken Beaton
FISH’s Richards Crossing at 430 Jennell St. is scheduled to open 39 units for homeless veterans in April.
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How do you thank vets for their service? Do you make eye contact; extend your hand to firmly shake the vet’s hand and say, “Thank you for your service.”

Unfortunately, some vets in our community need a helping hand. They’ve slipped through the cracks.

Friends In Service Helping (FISH) has secured a land donation from Carson City businessman and longtime resident, Garth Richards.

The facility named for Garth began working with Carson City’s movers and shakers to ensure the housing needs would be met for low income permanent housing for veterans.

FISH has teamed with Nevada Rural Housing Authority and Nevada Rural Housing, Inc. to create the plan.

Richards Crossing has eight apartment units exclusively reserved for chronically homeless veterans.

“In addition to providing shelter, the Richards Crossing facility will provide residents with on-site services, including job training in an adjacent training center, life skills coaching and related supportive services, as well as referrals to local service organizations to help tenants maintain housing and move towards self-sufficiency,” according to a FISH information sheet.

Nevada’s song is “Home Means Nevada.” Please join us and help Richards Crossing to mean home to our homeless vets. Each evening you can have a good feeling knowing 39 homeless persons have a clean warm place when they turn out their light and close their eyes.

Now is the time to join cochairs Lori Bagwell and Robert Crowell. Write your check to FISH. In the memo line write “Richards Crossing.” Kiwanis Club of Sierra Nevada donated $1,425 to furnish and provide common household goods for one of the 39 units opening in April 2017.

“All gave some, some gave all.”

Ken Beaton of Carson City contributes periodically to the Nevada Appeal.