Ross Gold Park pond to reopen in August |

Ross Gold Park pond to reopen in August

Sandi Hoover
Sandi Hoover/Nevada AppealRoss Gold Park remains closed while excavation work is being done to make the pond deeper. Carson City expects to fill the pond for waterfowl and open the popular park to people sometime within the next few weeks.

Users of one of Carson City’s most popular parks can look forward within the next few weeks to the pond reopening and return of ducks and geese to feed.

“We let the pond dry up late last summer because it doesn’t have an outlet,” said Carson City Director of Operations Scott Fahrenbruch of Ross Gold Park in southeast Carson City. “We began excavation in early spring of this year.”

Fahrenbruch said the project was initiated to improve the pond’s water quality by using it to irrigate the park.

“The idea is to bring fresh water into the pond to replace what is pumped out nightly to run the sprinkler system,” he said.

But crews ran into difficulty, which delayed the opening.

“Following the initial excavation of the pond, we surveyed it and determined we still didn’t have enough depth in the pond to provide the amount of irrigation water needed to water the park. As of today, city crews are excavating another two feet from the west end of the pond to provide more holding capacity, and then we’ll be able to fill up the pond,” Fahrenbruch said.

“We didn’t anticipate having to do the additional work, but we should be able to wrap it up in the next few weeks and fill up the pond,” he said.

It won’t come any too soon for Carson City resident Robin Christy.

“It is my favorite park. I like to go there with my family to feed the ducks and geese. If anyone is going to use that park, it’s now, when it’s so hot. We all love that pond – we love it very much,” Christy said.

“I can see both sides, that it takes time and money to do these things, but fixing it up? They shouldn’t make a career out of it,” she said.

Fahrenbruch said he understands the frustration.

“I know some people are anxious to get the pond and the waterfowl back in the park to enjoy, and we apologize for the delay,” he said.