RSVP in urgent need of help to put on fireworks |

RSVP in urgent need of help to put on fireworks

Retired Senior Volunteer Program needs help — and needs help in a hurry — if it’s going to put on the annual Fireworks show scheduled for Independence Day, July 4, this year.

RSVP has been putting on the fireworks show for about the last 30 years.

But it’s been a challenge for the non-profit organization to put on the show every year, said RSVP executive director Susan Haas. She added RSVP has had to reach into its own funds — funds that otherwise would otherwise be used to provide for RSVP’s numerous programs that benefit seniors — to fund the fireworks show.

Haas said the first step is for somehow RSVP to come up with the $9,000 deposit due in about a month to Pyrotecnico, which puts on the fireworks show.

“I don’t have anything for the fireworks,” Haas said. “The fireworks are really expensive. It takes a lot of money and we just don’t have it right now. It’s a gesture of our patriotism, for our love of country and for Carson City, but it’s expensive.”

Haas said she’s not even thinking about what RSVP would do if it doesn’t raise the $9,000 in time.

“I don’t know what we’re going to do,” said Haas if RSVP doesn’t come up with the $9,000. “I don’t want to see this not happen. I don’t want to cross that barrier. I don’t want to do that.”

“We don’t have it right now,” added Haas about funds for the fireworks. She said one possibility is “we have to take it out of our savings,” but again that’s from the budget designated for RSVP programs.

Haas also stressed the carnival — which is held during the week of the fireworks show — is separate from the fireworks show and is the main fundraiser for RSVP programs.

She also stressed the $9,000 just begins to meet RSVP’s needs to put on the fireworks show. Haas noted the pyrotechnics alone for the show costs $18,000.

Haas said a permanent funding mechanism is needed to provide for the fireworks show, because RSVP tries to fund the event on a year-to-year basis.

“Every year we struggle to get the funds,” she said.

Carson City Chamber of Commerce Ronnie Hannaman has been extremely helpful in getting the ball rolling for the community to support the fireworks show, Haas said.

“She’s been great,” Haas said. “We need the support.”

RSVP is offering several sponsorship packages to business and individuals which provide numerous perks, including for the carnival, that range from $500 to the $5,000 Red, White and Blue sponsorship. There are $500 sponsorships to provide music for the fireworks show as well. Haas noted Carson City Toyota-Scion is providing 3-D glasses for the fireworks show.

Anyone interested in sponsoring the fireworks show or making a donation should contact Haas, 687-4680, extension 2 or at