Ruby Tuesday eyes Carson City; seeks investor |

Ruby Tuesday eyes Carson City; seeks investor

The Ruby Tuesday restaurant franchise is looking to locate to Carson City, however, the catch is, someone has to finance it.

The international franchise is looking to expand its reach into the western states by coming to Carson City. Vice President of Franchise Development and Operations James Vitrano said the company thinks that Carson is the prime location for its newest restaurant.

“Carson City is an area that recognizes high quality food with a great value and that is why Carson would market well,” said Vitrano.

The problem is, the company needs an investor to franchise the business in the Nevada capital.

“We are looking for a multi-unit investors to bring our vision to Nevada,” said Vitrano. “We haven’t gone West in a long time, if you look at Ruby Tuesday it has a strong Southeast and Northeastern presence. We have a new modernized version of a 40 year old concept and when we inject that into a market with good food and a high value market, we hope it will be a good mix.”

Ruby Tuesday wants to have a local investor, someone from the community so that the restaurant will have an attachment to the community.

The company hopes that this will help promote the new modernized rebrand that the company recently underwent.

Vitrano said that once they find the investor they hope to kickstart the project right away and have the restaurant up and running within six months.

“If we could identify an investor, in three to six months we would have people eating our fresh garden bar, burgers and ribs,” Vitrano said.

They are looking for someone who has the ability to self finance or obtain the finances to a multi-unit development in Carson City and possibly throughout Nevada and who has retail, restaurant or hotel experience.

“It would be a four to seven unit franchise and an investor would need a couple million in capital,” Vitrano said.

The investor also needs to have knowledge of How to run a business and Ruby Tuesday will help them with the rest; providing help understanding the business and designing the restaurant.

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