Sales tax voted down, water rates will go up in Carson City |

Sales tax voted down, water rates will go up in Carson City

Robyn Moormeister

Carson City residents voted down the city’s proposal to raise sales tax 1/8 of a percent to fund storm drainage management.

Of the 22,018 who voted on Carson City’s Question 1, about 57 percent voted no.

“I’m quite surprised that question is going down,” Carson City Supervisor Richard Staub said after preliminary results trickled in from the Carson City Elections Office. “The board is going to have to do something to fund storm drainage improvements. We already added $1.70.”

Last spring the Carson City Board of Supervisors unanimously voted to charge residents an extra $1.70 a month on their city water bills to make $1.2 million worth of improvements per year on the drainage system, mandated by the federal government’s Clean Water Act.

Public properties now pay an additional $10.35, manufacturing businesses pay $13.75, and commercial customers pay $15.50.

Now those rates, Staub said, will probably double because the sales-tax rate increase proposal was defeated

“I thought the sales tax was necessary for Carson City,” said Carson Station owner Clark Russell. “I don’t like the idea of raising taxes, rates or fees, but we have to do something.”

Carson City Question 2 asked whether the Nevada Constitution should be amended to include provisions that the state Legislature not impose laws without designating state funds to support them, and not enact legislation that would reduce state money previously authorized for county and city services.

That question passed, with 59.7 percent of the vote.

Cheers erupted at Mayor-elect Marv Teixeira’s party.

“No to unfunded mandates,” announced Teixeira’s wife, Liz.

Everyone at Teixeira’s gathering agreed Carson City’s money should not be spent on projects mandated by the federal or state government.

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